Russell Harris, Filmmaker

I started filming as a direct result of being inspired by my own wedding video. My wife, Michelle, and I got married in Disney World and when we got our wedding video back, it changed my life. I wanted to capture peoples' stories and showcase them in a way that not only showed what happened, but how they made people feel.
All that "beginnings" stuff aside, I'm a husband, father, friend, and all around decent guy. I like being nice. I like being fun. And I live for the now, because it's the only moment we have control over.


Michelle Harris, Travel Planner

I'm Russell's high school sweetheart and wife. Our daughter, Luna, is our world. We were engaged and married in Walt Disney World, where my family and I have created our best memories since I was born. I have been a Travel Agent specializing in Disney vacations and beyond since 2012. Formerly a Disney Wedding Planner and Cast Member, it's obvious Disney runs through my veins. Our little family fell in love with the beaches of 30A in Florida and never wanted to leave – so we did just that and call it our new home. A few years ago we donated/sold nearly everything (including our house and one of our cars) to expedite our move and focus on what brings the most value to our lives. When I'm not being a computer nerd, I love cooking, eating, traveling, being outside and finding ways to feel like a kid again. Living intentionally by cherishing experiences and using time as my most valuable possession is what I aim for. 


Julian Quebedeaux, Filmmaker

I like to think of myself as that one really strangely shaped missing puzzle piece. I first starred in a film that was written, shot, directed, and edited by me. It wasn't egotistical, my camera was simply my best friend. To all the kids out there trying to make it, just shoot your own stuff. Sure it won’t be Hollywood but I’ve never accepted any excuse not to create, and you shouldn’t either. begins to step from soapbox but falls awkwardly.. I pride myself in being a man of many hats, but my video hat is by far my favorite. Learner, teacher, in that order. I can read the heck out of a children’s book and I always counsel people to follow their dreams because seriously, why not?